My Family Pictures 1998

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Before the high-tech era of the web, it was common for people to carry photographs in their wallets, and on occasion to show them to people. This is my web equivalent.

I am proud to present my family. My wife Cecilia (below), and (from right to left) Sasha, JoJo and Dawn. These were taken spring 1998 in our back yard.

They are all a constant source of inspiration, joy and stress at the same time. I love them, and wouldn't have it any other way. In the few short years of being a parent, I have learned more than the rest of my life put together.

As you can see, they were in a rather silly mood. They would not pose without making faces at the camera. I told them that many people might see them, but they did not believe me. Ah well... (smile)

One thing I was thinking about recently is that my children are in their formative years. My words and actions can have a tremendous impact on their development. It makes me more careful to spend time with them, and to think about how I act or react in their presence.

Another thing is that with three children, I am never short of opportunities. It is like a tag team. While one is busy, another will be coming to me because the third took one of her toys or something. I am forever getting the chance to hone my artbitration and mediation skills. It seems funny what they consider important. She just has to have that toy. No, she won't share it. It's not fair, she had it last time...

You can see here that JoJo loves to swing on the tire swing out back. She can't get on herself yet, so we have to help her.

Here my kids are playing in their treehouse as they call it. They can spend ages out there.

Of course, whenever I want to mow the lawn they seem to know it. I find anything that could move has been left on the lawn. Just clearing up is a chore in itself. :-)

When I start the mower, they often sit up in the tree and watch.

Behind the chain link fence is my neighbor's house. They have a couple of dogs. I think the fense is to protect the dogs from my kids.

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