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Duncan's Pictures - Kayaking at Buntzen Lake - Sept

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Duncan in Kayak106 viewsAmazing view down the lake here. This is just after we put in.
Duncan in Kayak86 viewsThis was about 10 am, and the weather was great. Hardly any wind, and you can see that on the surface of the water.
Pat in Kayak84 viewsJust after we put in near the boat ramp. Fishermen in the background.
Duncan in Kayak105 viewsI had just rescued a float and lure that one of the fishermen cast. He did not tie his knot too well and it flew out onto the lake.
Duncan in Kayak72 viewsNear the North Beach.
Pat Sitting on Rock78 viewsPat has a yellow lifejacket, and a red kayak, whereas I have the opposite. This island was a great place to stop for lunch.
View Towards South Beach73 viewsI liked how the sun sparkled on the water.
Duncan74 viewsStanding on 'Bird Island'
Pat Sitting on Rock67 viewsThe view here is breathtaking. It never fails to amaze me.
Pat Sitting on Rock78 viewsThis was on the northernmost island in Buntzen lake. We stopped there for lunch. We nicknamed this 'Bird Island' since there were lots of birds there.
Pat in Kayak72 viewsNear 'Fuzzy Island'. The colors of the leaves are changing.
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