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View of The New Window12 viewsWe cut a window in the garage, so you can see the ocean
Audio of Bird Song9 viewsThis is Pat's favorite. We need some help identifying what type of bird it is.
View Through Garage Window3 views
View From Deck2 viewsView of ocean through window in the garage.
View From Deck1 viewsView of ocean through window in the garage.
Birds Feeding on Neighbor's Feeder6 viewsUnaware of Pat cutting holes in the garage wall next door...
Before Photo of Garage11 viewsThis shows the side wall, and how it blocks the view to the beach. This is soon to be corrected by Pat and her reciprocating saw...
Before Photo of Garage7 viewsSee also Pat working at clearing away the brush. This has taken 3 weekends to get it to where it is now. It used to be above head height.
Pat Cuts Hole For Window20 viewsHer first time with a reciprocating saw, she makes a perfect cut!
Swallow Chicks in Nest10 viewsThis is just above the light fixture in the garage.
Completed Window14 views
Pat in front of window12 viewsSee the view to the beach behind
Duncan in front of window12 views
13 files on 1 page(s)