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White Cup65 viewsI save some foam in the jug, then sprinkle cocoa on top.
Then I take the foam I saved, using a spoon and I can make patterns with the white foam on the brown (cocoa sprinkled) foam. This time I did a circle on top.
White Cup - Closeup65 viewsIf you use a saucer like this, I would pour the coffee first before putting the cup on the saucer. You don't want to spill anything on the saucer.
Brown Cup - Above65 viewsSame pattern as the white cup. This cup is larger and needs more foam.
Brown Cup65 views
Blue Cup71 viewsI think these cups are from Ikea.
Blue Cup - Closeup67 viewsI like to fill the cup so the foam is almost ready to pour over the side.
Floral Mug67 viewsI must have got over an inch above the height of the rim of the cup here. It depends on the foam of course.
Floral Mug66 views
8 files on 1 page(s)