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View Through Shed Window43 viewsPat wanted a window with a view of the ocean, and she got it. This is what you can see through the window.
Preparing for Fascia Install43 viewsIt was a great weekend, the weather was perfect. Here I was trimming off some wood that was sticking out and would get in the way of installing fascia.
Preparing for Fascia Install44 viewsI had to add some wood near the overhang to make it flush with the edge of the roof.
Front Gates44 viewsYou might notice a rock sticking out the ground. We buried it there as a stop to keep the wind from blowing the gates out the wrong way.
Installing Front Fascia44 viewsThis hides a multitude of ugliness. I used some tar on the back to make sure water would not get in under it.
Other Side Fascia44 viewsNailing in over the aluminum siding, which has already changed colour.
Interior Electrical Work44 viewsWe added a fluorescent light, with a switch by the door, and also an outlet to plug into.
Pat Said Let There Be Light44 viewsAnd there was, and it revealed much cleaning for her to do...
Exterior Of Shed44 viewsWe also fixed the hinges on the door. Yet to do is replace the lockset on the door.
View From The Other Side44 viewsFascia is complete.
Mowing Upper Lot46 viewsKeeping the weeds and brambles under control.
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